The Last Lean Americans

Colorado’s obesity rates are the lowest in the country—but are we really as healthy as we think? Plus: We surveyed 400 Coloradans about their everyday health habits to see how—and why—our state has stayed on the good side of skinny.

October 2010


Do you and your significant other exercise together?
Yes: 18 percent
No: 26 percent
Sometimes: 31 percent
I don’t have a significant other right now: 25 percent

Have you ever entered an organized running race?
Yes, I can run a marathon in under three hours: 4 percent

Yes, I've struggled through a few: 27 percent

Does walking one count? Then yes: 20 percent
I’ve thought about entering, but haven’t had the nerve yet: 33 percent

I can barely jog around the lake in Wash Park: 16 percent