Next in Line

If Mayor John Hickenlooper goes to the governor’s mansion, who will lead our left-leaning city? Here, a look at some top job candidates.

October 1 2010, 6:26 PM

Terrance Carroll

  • Experience Speaker of the state House, lawyer, and pastor.
  • Mile High Well-liked politician in need of a job after being term-limited out of the House.
  • Mile Low Has Washington, D.C., written all over him; does he really want to be mayor?

Michael Hancock

  • Experience Three-term city councilman and former CEO of the Urban League.
  • Mile High Born, raised, and wired in northeast Denver.
  • Mile Low The council doesn’t provide high-profile job experience for a mayoral candidate.

James Mejía

  • Experience CEO of the Denver Preschool Program, managed the Justice Center project, and worked for the Webb administration.
  • Mile High At press time, the only candidate to have officially entered the race.
  • Mile Low Has been a political insider for years, but is his name recognizable enough to voters?

Andrew Romanoff

  • Experience Well-connected and well-known adjunct college professor and former speaker of the state House.
  • Mile High Has a powerful constituency in the Washington Park area; talented and experienced legislator.
  • Mile Low Will Dems forgive him for battling against Michael Bennet in the Senate primary?

Chris Romer

  • Experience State senator and financial consultant on public transportation projects like RTD’s FasTracks.
  • Mile High Innovative legislator with strong connections through his father, Roy, a former governor.
  • Mile Low Upset some people with proposed bills on I-70 tolls and medical marijuana regulations.