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Create a bedroom you won't ever want to leave.

November 2010

Bedroom design should never be a yawn-inducing, monochromatic affair. To wit: Conni Newsome of Douglas Associates (2525 E. Exposition Ave., 303-722-6979) used the homeowners’ existing furniture and some design magic to transform this formerly echoey, Cherry Hills master bedroom into a super-cozy sanctuary. She calls the finished product “tailored shabby chic.” We call it just plain delicious. Here, Newsome shows us the design power of reupholstery, mismatched end tables, and colorful accessories.

Toughen Up “The antique wood shield, which I found at Black Tulip Antiques (, helps brings masculinity to the room,” Newsome says. “There is nothing worse than the poor husband who wakes up in a pink floral nightmare every morning.”

Animal Instincts “The chair was the homeowner’s grandmother’s chair; I love the fact that it has history and soul to it. We reupholstered it in a Bergamo ( animal print, because every bedroom needs a little sexy animal.”

Color Change “In general, I like bedrooms to have a soft palette—cream, slate blue, and taupe. But the right accessories—like the coral table lamp available at Kravet (—can liven up the space a bit without shouting.”

Warm Up "The room is large and has an echo effect, so I added a large jute rug from Synergy Floor Covering ( to cut down the sound, and add texture and warmth.”

Mix and Match “Most people like to coordinate their end tables. But overmatching sometimes feels like a hotel. Here, the mismatched end tables from Williams-Sonoma Home ( add interest and allow each side of the bed to be its own space.”