Manic Mexican

Dig into D’Corazon, LoDo’s best—and fastest—south-of-the-border eatery.

December 2010

For a long time, I walked right past D’Corazon on Blake Street. The line looked way too long for a quick weekday lunch, so I’d move on by, opting for faster Mexican food. (Chipotle again!) Finally, one lazy Friday, a few co-workers and I decided to wait. We made two discoveries: D’Corazon not only has excellent, authentic Mexican food, but also the quickest service in town. Seriously.

The routine is simple: Put your name on the list, chat with your friends or co-workers out front, and no matter the line, you’ll be seated in five minutes—10 tops. The meals arrive just as quickly: By the time I’m seated, golden tortilla chips and a fiery tomato salsa await; a minute later, a soda appears; and five minutes later, a heaping plate of food hits the table. I’ve waited longer to put in my drink order at many reputable restaurants in Denver. D’Corazon is like the major leagues for quick-order Mexican food cooks.

OK, so D’Corazon is quick on its feet, but it’s also good. Like, really good. All the burrito plates (especially the chicken and shredded beef) achieve that heavenly ratio of meat to tortilla, come smothered with spicy green chile, lettuce, and tomato, and are served with a huge pile of Mexican rice and refried beans—perfect for sopping up the leftover chile. The burritos are also Goldilocks-size—you’re not going to be overstuffed after lunch, but you’re not going to be hitting the candy jar at 3 p.m. either.

The burrito’s deep-fried cousin, the chimichanga, might be even better—it’s crispy, but not oily, and generously topped with a mild guacamole and sour cream. The hard-shell tacos, especially the slightly spicy shredded beef, balance a crunchy shell, savory meat, and cool lettuce and tomato. If you’re looking for a feast, head for the carne adobado, an enormous serving of red-chile marinated pork that’s begging to be wrapped in the accompanying warm tortillas.

The best part: With the exception of some of the steaks, just about every entrée on the menu costs less than $10.

Really, you can order just about any dish at D’Corazon, and you’ll leave happy. Sure, there are fancier Mexican restaurants in town—ones that we love—but D’Corazon is the place I go when I want Mexican food like it ought to be: authentic, fast, and cheap.

D’Corazon, 1530 Blake St., #C, 720-904-8226, dcorazonrestaurant.com