As the Colorado Legislature continues to slash budgets, the state’s foster care system remains chronically underfunded. Something’s got to give, right? The thing is, if we don’t pay now, as the kids grow up, it could continue to cost us all a whole lot more than money. Just ask Erika Righter and Shawn Larson.

December 2010

Get involved with improving Colorado’s foster care system.

By Natasha Gardner


Become a foster care parent through Adoption Alliance, a private foster care agency, or volunteer to provide evening child care at Denver’s Warren Village, a low-income housing program for single parents.


Read more about Colorado’s foster care system (and about becoming a foster parent) on the Colorado Department of Human Services website, including the Child Welfare Action Committee’s recommendations to improve the state’s child protection programs.


As Governor-elect John Hickenlooper prepares to take office in January, speak out about the foster care system’s budget via his transitional website, Partners for Colorado.


The Denver Rescue Mission’s New Life Program, a rehabilitation program for men, relies on monetary donations to help adults develop life skills like resumé writing and applying for colleges.

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