Love Potions

Valentine’s Day is all about pampering your sweetie—and yourself—so we scoped out some local goodies to help you look great, smell fresh, and feel delicious.

February 2011

Feed Your Skin Body scrub flavors like coffee-orange and almond-ginger make Boulder-based skincare line Naya Organics sound good enough to eat. Owner Kelsey Riley grows the herbs for her handmade batches, and teaches body-care classes on how to make your own beauty products from ingredients at the grocery store. This month, check out Chocolate and Wine for the Skin—Riley will show you how to blend organic Colorado wines with chocolatey goodness to create some “sweet” salves —at the Seasoned Chef cooking school (February 8, 6:30–9 p.m., $65). Try it: Look for simple home recipes for facial cleansers, masks, and more on Riley’s blog,

Beauty is Pain? We recently happened upon a less excruciating way to, uh, maintain the bikini line—which, let’s be honest, is a pre-Valentine’s Day priority. According to a recent article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, more than 50 percent of American women between 18 and 39 have waxed or lasered where the sun don’t shine in the last month. Enter Dr. Edna Ma and her BareEase & Cream. An anesthesiologist by training, Denver native Dr. Ma devised an easy-to-use pre-waxing kit with Lidocaine-laced lotion and pink latex undies. Apply 40 minutes before your wax appointment and let the anesthetizing begin. And guys, the doc’s got you covered: Numb Nuts cream—yes, really—became available last month. Try it:

Have Another We never say no to mojitos and red wine—and with Bath Nation, we can say yes even in the tub. The Golden-based skincare company whips up luxurious lotions and balms with a boozy twist, such as the aromatic mojito salt rub and Cabernet crush silk skin conditioner. We could go on about Bath Nation’s “Intelligent Organic Skincare” philosophy or the exotically sourced ingredients…but really, we like the stuff because it’s sinfully yummy. Go ahead. Indulge. We’ll fill you in on the responsible info later. Try it: