True Romance

Seven perfect dates in and around the Mile High City for you and that special someone.

February 2011

5. Tour the Front Range by Helicopter

One day not long ago, my husband called around lunchtime on a Tuesday to “reserve” me for the night. He said he’d pick me up after work but left me guessing about the evening’s destination—even when I asked why we were exiting the highway at Broomfield for our big date.

We stopped at a tiny airstrip and boarded a Rotors of the Rockies Robinson 44 helicopter for an hour-long sunset tour of the foothills. Our pilot fitted us with mic’d headsets so my husband could clearly hear me oooh and ahhh at the views of the Flatirons, downtown Boulder, Folsom Field, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the mesa-rich geography near Golden, and Denver’s twilight-bathed skyline. Our pilot, after politely asking if we liked roller coasters, threw in a few freefall-like dips and a handful of steep, banking inclines, making sure the atypical weeknight date left us—and our pulses—aflutter. —Lindsey B. Koehler

Timekeeper Remember that the sun sets earlier during the winter months (usually around 5:33 p.m. in February), so plan to leave work early to make it to Broomfield on time. Bonus: An early flight allows plenty of time to grab dinner in nearby Boulder.

The Details Rotors of the Rockies: 11915 Airport Way, Broomfield, 303-635-0496, rotorsoftherockies.com