True Romance

Seven perfect dates in and around the Mile High City for you and that special someone.

February 2011

6. Heat it up at a cooking class

A fragrant kitchen is the perfect place to have fun with your loved one by engaging your senses (especially when there are no dishes to be done at the end). Thus, the delicious appeal of taking a cooking class as a duo. During a recent three-hour lesson, the cheerful café-kitchen echoed with couples’ intimate laughter—the kind when you’ve forgotten about your long day at work and the mess at home, and are just enjoying the adventure of learning something new together.

There was something intoxicating about that night (besides the wine): A heady combination of simmering sauces and the anticipation of a decadent meal made the outside world seem far away. When the cooking was done, the class sat down for a three-course feast, clinked glasses over a truffle risotto, and toasted each other on a dinner to remember. —Julie Dugdale

Smart Choice A trip to the emergency room is not a good way to end the night, so instead of Knife Skills, opt for a newbie-friendly couples class.

The Details The Seasoned Chef Cooking School: 999 Jasmine St., 303-377-3222, theseasonedchef.com; Cook Street School of Culinary Arts: 1937 Market St., 303-308-9300, cookstreet.com