April 2011

Nature’s Battle

I just want to thank you for publishing articles like “A View to a Kill” [February]. It was a fascinating, thought-provoking, and open-minded piece. It’s so refreshing to see a real, meaty issue tackled in such a sensitive way. The story gives us an authentic glimpse into a complex cultural and environmental issue here in Colorado. I applaud 5280 and Laura Pritchett for taking on this challenge—and succeeding.
Laura Resau
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Love Him or Hate Him

Thank you Robert Sanchez for the well-written article, “Down But Not Out” [February]. Your description of the time you spent with Tom Tancredo along with the recollections provided by Dan Maes, Jackie Tancredo, Dick Wadhams, and others, provided further insight into his over-the-top personality, which seems to mesh well with the public persona I have grown to dislike more and more since he initially broke into my consciousness a couple of years ago.

I think the guy is an unelectable jerk, but he’s in control of enough power and threatening political clout to be potentially dangerous. Your description of Tancredo getting out of receiving that well-deserved speeding ticket from a Logan County deputy goes far in illustrating the kind of celebrity and privilege the crass, intolerant, and self-absorbed conservative enjoys, even in his post-election defeat. And now there’s going to be a late-night radio talk show so we can hear more of his intolerant rhetoric? I won’t be listening.

I’m pleased that Hickenlooper won. I enjoy that Tancredo’s message was not widely shared by any type of majority of Colorado voters. Your article shed some more light on why that may be.
Eric Bassignani
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Robert Sanchez’s article on Tom Tancredo is outstanding. It is the best I’ve ever seen written about him. Sanchez captured his many sides. I truly would like to have seen him govern Colorado. He just jumped in too late.
Kathi Wright
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Good Catch

I recently read “I Heart Denver” by Robert Sanchez in the February issue of 5280. I must say that Mr. Sanchez may not have gotten the home run ball that day at Coors Field, but he certainly hit a home run with his relationship.
Robert A. Johnson

Money Hungry

Nice work on “Sin City” [November 2010]. Al Lewis stated in “Greedy Loves” that when we Denverites succeed, we want trophies to prove it. Judging by the fact that Denver has the highest consumer debt level of any U.S. city, I’d say many of us want trophies before we succeed. The average debt per person here is $26,636.
John Baylis