Secrets of the Suburbs

From gourmet pizzerias and beer gardens to eclectic boutiques and Asian markets, our Mile High suburbs are overflowing with places worth discovering. We’ve pulled together an assortment of spots that embody the vibrant, appealingly quirky spirit of our city’s outlying areas. 

April 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure

Love to get your splash on, but not up for the city crowds at Confluence Park? Hone your paddling skills on the quarter-mile course at Golden’s Clear Creek White Water Park (www.ci.golden.co.us). Three sections provide varying conditions—wave drops, eddies, pools, and boulders—for kayakers and canoers to practice their moves. The course is unsupervised—so if you’re just learning or you’re still a novice paddler, think about taking a lesson at the Golden Parks and Recreation Department’s indoor pool.

If you prefer wheels over waves, check out the new Golden Bike Park (www.goldenbikepark.com) at the Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Com">www.goldenbikepark.com">www.goldenbikepark.com) at the Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex. Navigate through terrain for all abilities, from a beginner trail to a downhill flow track with rollers, berms, and jumps.

And hey, if gravity—or defying it—is really your thing, get down to Lone Tree for a session at SkyVenture Colorado (www.skyventurecolorado.com), the state’s only indoor skydiving facility. You will actually physically fly and experience that free-falling sensation (with professional instructors, of course) in a giant vertical wind tunnel that sustains a safe and controlled airflow column via a 1,200 horsepower fan system—the same airspeed a real skydiver experiences after jumping from a plane.


The Combo, Please

And by combo, we mean eating and watching—as in, dinner and a movie at Cinebarre (www.cinebarre.com) in Thornton. The trendy establishment, one of only five locations across the country, offers a lineup of both blockbusters and indie flicks and a cheeky menu of dishes with names that play on famous films, such as Body Snatchers (loaded potato skins) and the Rocky (prime rib stacked with veggies and provolone). You choose your own seat, where you can wine and dine throughout the movie with the provided order card, pencil, and menu. Bonus: Cinebarre selects film shorts from independent filmmaker submissions to screen before the feature—a perfect aperitif for the audience.