Find Your Swing

Never picked up a golf club before? Feel like it’s time to learn? Congratulations—you’re in the right place. Colorado is full of gorgeous, world-renowned courses (read: crazy difficult!), but our state is also home to a long roster of well-regarded instructors and plenty of options for playing while you’re still learning.

May 2011


Drivers, irons, putters. Bags, balls, spikes. Where does a novice begin when it comes to golf equipment? We sat down with Colorado Ski & Golf’s golf manager JD Morris to see what kind of gear is perfect for getting the new guy (or gal) out on the links. —Geoff Van Dyke

  1. Balls
    Titleist DT Solo golf balls (Retail $27, CSG sale $20)
    Titleist is the number one golf ball manufacturer for good reason. “This ball is engineered for the golfer looking to get maximum distance and feel without spending an arm and a leg,” Morris says. “It has a nice, soft feel and tends to be quite resilient.”
  2. Hybrid
    Cleveland Golf Mashie Hybrid (Retail $170; CSG sale $149)
    Morris says this club “combines the power of a fairway wood with the control of an iron for long, accurate shots.”
  3. Wedge
    Cleveland CG16 Wedge (Retail $145, CSG sale $119)
    Start with one wedge in your bag. In this case, Morris suggests Cleveland’s CG16, which has a rough surface to enhance ball spin.
  4. Woods
    Callaway Octane Driver (Retail $375, CSG sale $299), Callaway Octane 3-Wood (Retail $250, CSG sale $199)
    These clubs are “designed for the golfer who needs help straightening his shot out, but it works for those with established swings as well, making them a great long-term value,” Morris says. “The 3-wood has all of the same features as the driver and is a good choice when you are facing shots that may not require the driver.”
  5. Putter
    Ping Karsten Series 1959 Anser 2 Putter (Retail $110, CSG sale $99)
    There are two main types of putters: blade putters and mallet putters. This blade putter uses a classic design, and “added weight on the heel and toe maximize stability for truer, straighter putts,” Morris says.
  6. Glove
    FootJoy Weather-Sof Golf Glove (Retail $15, CSG sale $11)
    Gloves aren’t a necessity—but they help golfers with grip, especially beginners. If you’re a righty, get a glove for your left hand. This particular glove is made from synthetic but breathable leather and has a solid grip.
  7. Irons
    TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons (Retail $880, CSG sale $699)
    Even if you’re a beginner, these irons will help you get the ball into the air and hit it straight. And, Morris says, these clubs have beveled soles, “so it’s easier to make contact with the ball than with the ground.” In other words, these clubs help make you better.
  8. Bag
    Sun Mountain Superlight SLX stand bag (Retail $190, CSG sale $150)
    The SLX is lightweight and perfect for the golfer who walks, but it works on a cart, too.
  9. Shoes
    FootJoy GreenJoy Golf Shoe (Retail $65, CSG sale $50)
    FootJoy sells these shoes at a low price because of the synthetic leather upper; they’re comfy, stable, and have changeable spikes.