Sonic Youth

Today’s Denver music scene is about much more than jam bands and Top 40 ear candy. Meet five Front Range artists that are making noise locally—and beyond.

June 2011

the chanteuse

Danielle Ate The Sandwich/ “I wanted to avoid the horror of being another female folk-singer-songwriter with a boring first and last name,” Danielle Anderson says in her quintessentially biting yet understated manner. “I didn’t think my name had the ring I wanted. But I do like my first name. And I like the word ‘sandwich.’ ” And, so, Danielle Ate the Sandwich was born. The 25-year-old honed her act at open mic nights in Fort Collins, but it was the Internet—specifically YouTube—that brought her unique blend of gorgeous, folksy melodies and lighthearted humor to a larger audience. On Anderson’s latest album, Two Bedroom Apartment, she has a full backing band, a departure from the stripped-down sound of her voice and ukulele, an instrument that makes her music immediately recognizable. So will Danielle Ate the Sandwich ever play electric, à la Newport-era Bob Dylan? “I want to get an electric guitar and distortion pedals, but I don’t know if I’ll ever go totally electric,” she says. “Even if I do, it’s not like I’ll be screaming—you’ll still be able to understand my lyrics.”—GVD

Listen if you like: Alluring and bold indie-girl folk-pop
On the Web: danielleatethesandwich.net
Track: "Where the Good Ones Go"