October 2011

Boulder’s Blaze

Thank you for the article on the Fourmile fire [“The Fire Next Door,” September]. I remember this fire well. Living in northeast Golden, I watched the smoke billowing across the northern sky and knew that all was burning in Boulder. It was a heart-wrenching thing to see. Hopefully this will never happen again, and all the people involved will be stronger, bonds of friendship will remain, and once again the strength of the people of Colorado will remain steadfast and true. The article was well written; it showed the human side of tragedy.
Sandy Olmstead

Not a dry eye

I just finished Megan Feldman’s story [“What Happened to Abbey’s Mom,” August] about Nicole Davis and am busy drying my tears. As if breast cancer isn’t awful enough, Mrs. Davis was faced with battling a terrible disease while pregnant and so very young. I am about three weeks away from delivering my second child, and I can’t help but feel so much for her. I feel sorry for her but I also feel happy her little girl is healthy. I feel angry that she has to face an ongoing battle with cancer, but I also feel hopeful that she was able to find some peace through support from her husband, daughter, and family. I have always said that when you have a healthy pregnancy and baby, you really have to count your blessings. There is so much that can go wrong. Bless the Davis family...I will be thinking of them and praying for them.
Cori Hanisch

Sticker shock The “Portrait of a Lady” feature in your September issue left much to be desired. Most notably, the lack of any item under $300, with the exception of tights, and frankly, who spends $50 on tights these days? While I appreciate your desire to showcase great fashion, don’t you think that can be accomplished by showcasing affordable styles? And wouldn’t that represent the culture in Denver, and in the country, better? With great, locally owned and affordable retailers around Denver like Artisan Center, Kismet, and others, it seems like you could put together a fashion feature that real people could actually consider. Suggesting $2,000 dresses and $18,000 jewelry seems downright irresponsible. Leave the high-brow fashion coverage to 303 Magazine, would you?
Stefanie Smith

Part of the Club

Daliah Singer’s recent article “Keeping the Faith” [September] was outstanding. As a fellow member of the tribe, I have over the years experienced much of what she wrote about. I loved the article and enjoy reading 5280.
Stephen Siegal

Critiquing the Critic

Like food critic Shari Caudron, I’ve been a longtime fan of chef Frank Bonanno and what he’s done for the Denver food scene. With that in mind, her concerns about Lou’s Food Bar took me aback [“Mix & Match,” September].

Except for a few minimal criticisms about the food (a dry-ish crab cake and some less-than-perfect mussels), she seems to adore the food and pricing. She champions numbers of appetizers, salads, and entrées. Her problem is the eclectic nature of the place. She doesn’t like the roadhouse feel. I do. She doesn’t like that French appetizers are juxtaposed with American standards like fried chicken. I do. She thinks Lou’s should have focused on one type of food and one type of client. She doesn’t like that Lou’s doesn’t allow her to follow some sort of foodie rules she lives by. The lack of some sort of dress code bothers her. To quote the football guys on ESPN, “Come on, man.”

Lou’s Food Bar isn’t a destination restaurant in the same way many top Denver restaurants are, but it’s really good. I’d give a lot for it to be in my neighborhood.
Katherine Starkey