The 5280 Fifty

We rank the 50 most powerful people in Denver.

December 2011

2012 Plummeting Stocks

  • Bill Ritter (9)
    Director, CSU’s Center for New Energy Economy
    He went from governor to academic policy wonk. Need we say more?
  • Rob Corry(26)
    Medical Marijuana Attorney
    He was the most high-profile advocate of the state’s budding medical weed industry. (Or maybe he was just the loudest.) Two years later, with the MMJ issue settled (for now) and a contentious divorce done, Corry has—temporarily, no doubt—departed the limelight.
  • Carmelo Anthony(24)
    NBA Prima Donna
    After petulantly pouting his way to NYC, everyone assumed the Denver Nuggets would lay in ruins. Instead, coach George Karl transformed his new team of non-stars into an enthusiastic bunch that actually won some games and left us locals wondering why we were so Melo-mad in the first place.
  • Stan Kroenke (23)
    Owner, Kroenke Sports Enterprises
    He’s one of the super-rich owners (his net worth = $3.2 billion) who are holding most—and quite possibly all—of the NBA’s 2011-12 season hostage to “fix” a league that isn’t nearly as broken as his cohorts would have us believe. And to do so, he’s taking away jobs from the people who need them the most during these direst of times. Talk about balls.