December 2011

The Color of Money

I just read your article about Wayde and Donna McKelvy [“The Biggest Green Scam in America,” July]. I smelled scam the first time I met that guy and can’t believe he and Troy [Wragg] haven’t been indicted. I feel so bad for all those people who poured money into that scam. We went to a couple of his seminars but never invested any money. I didn’t know much about Ponzi schemes then so I didn’t suspect that—it just didn’t feel above board in any way.

Wayde said he was taking the idea of universal life insurance and doubling its power by creating “amazing” investment opportunities. The idea: Overfund your insurance policy then borrow from the life insurance to make money through his investments. Your life insurance policy will continue to earn money even though you’ve borrowed money from it (which is true) and then you double your return by taking that money and investing it in his “nontraditional” investments. But you couldn’t find anything on the Internet supporting his developments or on the biochar pellets. Five minutes of research would tell you the thing was a total scam.

Thank you for following up on that guy. I always wondered what happened to McKelvy and why his story escaped the Denver Post.
Karla Goodhart

Cultural Immersion

I finally had time to read “Keeping the Faith” [September], and I wanted to compliment Daliah Singer on her work. I grew up attending a Christian school and having one Jewish friend. But I’ve spent my career as a hair stylist in a Jewish part of Denver and it has opened my eyes to a culture that I never knew. It has been an honor to be invited to bar/bat mitzvahs, the bris of each baby boy, the visits after death, and to receive wishes for a sweet New Year at Rosh Hashanah. When I found out I was pregnant, I learned nothing feels better than a hug and a “Mazel tov!” Sometimes I feel like the sole gentile, so I appreciate your view.
Erin Ferris

Curative powers I don’t want to sound vindictive, but if every person involved with the FDA were diagnosed with a terminal disease, their feelings would change concerning a treatment for them. I understand Dr. Christopher Centeno has helped many people [“Power Play,” August]; FDA bigwigs should put themselves, or a child of theirs, in our position. Thank God for Dr. Centeno, who truly cares for us and our health.
Gail Knight
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