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Thinking about a remodel? Tired of your circa-1985 kitchen? Want to jazz up your walls or have the house all your friends are talking about? We’ve consulted the experts, tracked down the craftspeople, crunched the numbers, and shared our own DIY stories. Ready, set, renovate.

April 2012

The Metal Worker

Jon Volek: owner, Metalhead Fabrication

You may have seen Jon Volek’s metalwork in the signage, patio railing, or artistic backsplash at your favorite restaurant or shop in the metro area. Luckily, his pieces look just as slick in your home. Need a custom stainless steel kitchen island? A pair of accent wall sconces? A modern iron-and-glass coffee table? Volek is your man for custom one-offs, art projects, and furniture. “I try to get away from the repetitive stuff,” he says. “Anyone can do a railing. I like to put my own flair on it.”

In the cutting and welding business for almost 11 years, Volek works out of his home studio in Golden, where he has an open-door policy for neighbors who need help with household projects. In fact, 95 percent of his business is word-of-mouth or return customers. Though he attended school briefly for welding, Volek is mainly self-taught; having grown up with a father who was a custom-home builder, he says creating is in his blood. “I enjoy working with elements from the earth that have a rough edge,” he says. “You can take rust and make it look like a million bucks, or like a piece of marble by adding a patina.”

For certain jobs, Volek collaborates with OmniCut, a company that uses “waterjet” technology to slice through thick metal. Then he adds the details, like distressed edges or interesting watermarks. “I always want to take on new stuff, incorporate new media,” Volek says. “I’ve stockpiled ideas for years and years. I have a sketchbook of ideas that no one’s seen, and I believe I can take these products to the next level.”

Typical client: Homeowners of all types who want custom one-off pieces of furniture and conversation items.

Price range: Varies widely by scope, including the type of metal and welding application.

More info: metalheadfab.com