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Thinking about a remodel? Tired of your circa-1985 kitchen? Want to jazz up your walls or have the house all your friends are talking about? We’ve consulted the experts, tracked down the craftspeople, crunched the numbers, and shared our own DIY stories. Ready, set, renovate.

April 2012

The Organizer

Jana Henderson: senior designer, the Closet Factory

Ever feel like you’re losing it because you’ve misplaced your keys or favorite shoes—again? With 17 years of storage space design experience, Jana Henderson of the Closet Factory in Centennial can take one look at your problem area, whether it’s a walk-in closet, a mudroom, a pantry, or a home office, and formulate a plan to maximize, streamline, and style your available storage space. She’ll weigh possible solutions—think adjustable shelves, drawers, counter space, roller baskets, hanging storage units, and cabinetry—design a blueprint with 3D software for easy visual approval, and install it. What you won’t find: a prefabricated design-in-a-box that you put together. Each element is custom-cut on-site, right next to the showroom. “For most people, their space isn’t used well,” Henderson says. “A lot of times, there’s just a closet rod and a shelf, and stuff just spills out. If you’ve never had an overhaul done, you’ll be totally amazed at what this does for your life.”

Typical client: Anyone from 900-square-foot condo owners to $22 million homeowners; mostly those with homes of $400,000 or more.

Price range: $500 and up; most walk-in closets will cost $2,000 to $4,000.

More info: closetfactory.com/denver