A Religious Experience

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April 2012

On Talking to God

It’s a constant conversation that helps me navigate my life.

I pray. A lot.

I pray when I shower in the morning, and I pray when I walk to my office. I pray before I interview someone, and I pray afterward. I pray when I’m waiting in traffic, and I pray at night when I go to bed.

I pray for health and happiness. I pray that I become a better person. I pray about decisions I’m making. I pray for my wife and my two children. I pray for friends.

I’ve talked to God every day for much of my life. That’s not to say I’m some holy person—far from it—but prayer has been good for me. A few minutes here and there keep me focused and balanced and thankful. My son puked in the car on a family vacation? Thanks, God, for giving me a humorous story to tell my buddies. I’m having a hard time writing my latest story? Thanks, God, for giving me this learning experience. Someone in my family has a health emergency? Thanks, God, for showing me what’s important in my life.

There’s no pretension to my prayers. When it’s just God and me, it’s all out there. I don’t ask for wealth. I don’t pray for my next success at work. I don’t bargain for favors. I look at whatever is in front of me at that moment in my day, and I talk to Him about it. With God, I’m just Robert, one guy out of billions who’s trying to survive and thrive. And for those opportunities, I’m thankful.

Am I naive? Is God really listening to my daily discourse? I guess I’ll eventually find out. For me, though, I like the idea that a higher power is riding shotgun on my life’s journey. It’s comforting, and I’ve come to rely on that open connection I think I have with God to help me make the right choices and become the best version of me that I can. —Robert Sanchez