Fields of Dreams

If an invite to have dinner on the farm sounds like a picnic table, baked beans, and dirty-denim affair, rethink that idea. In Colorado, farm-side suppers are staged from late spring through fall, and they are some of the finest, most romantic meals you’ll ever experience. Imagine dining al fresco at community tables, viewing fields that spread toward the horizon, and savoring food that was harvested hours before it lands on your plate. Discover the magic of authentic farm-to-table cuisine. 
July 2012

Located just south of the Wyoming border, Grant Family Farms has been operating since 1953, and for the past 38 years it’s been fully organic—long before being organic was trendy. Dinners ($80) here play out over a cocktail hour and a tour of the farm (behold chickens that lay the most gorgeous eggs you’ve ever seen). Then, at dusk, you’ll sit down to dinner at a long white-clothed table. As darkness falls, you’ll savor freshly harvested produce, farm-raised chicken, and, if you’re lucky, wine made right on the premises. The evening comes to a whimsical close with s’mores around the campfire. grantfarms.com