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How To Grill Corn on the Cob

Few foods are more symbolic of summer than an ear of sweet, buttery Olathe corn. Skip the pot of boiling water and grill the veggie instead. Chef Paul Reilly (of the now-closed Encore) shows us how.

July 2012

1) It’s important to have a superhot grill—as hot as possible. Peel back all the husks except the first layer. (Don’t worry about removing the corn silk—it will grill off.) This steams the corn and keeps it from burning.

2) Place cobs directly on the grill. As each section chars, turn 90 degrees until all sides are cooked. 

3) Take the corn off the grill and remove the final husk. Season with any or all of the following: butter, smoked paprika, lime, and Cotija cheese. Serve immediately.