Eat & Drink

Stick Kick

Four spots for easy, breezy, skewered summer grub.

July 2012

Stick it to Me
Bay Area alums Nate Barnett and Ezra Malmuth bring organic food to the street in their hot food truck. With eats that sizzle on the grill (the aroma pulls us in from blocks away), it’s no surprise Stick it to Me is in high demand on sunny days. The menu caters to carnivores and veg-heads alike, boasting hearty Korean barbecue angus steak, spicy lemon-and-garlic chicken, smoky paprika-and-pork kebabs, and a seasonal falafel ball with slaw, yogurt sauce, and tahini. Location varies, 720-223-6193, 

Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs
Hot dogs may command the menu at this Colfax joint, but the chocolate-dipped bananas are worth a trip of their own. Bite into the frozen chocolate shell and find still-soft, sweet fruit underneath. The best part: at $2.25, they’re cheap. For an extra quarter, you get a topping: peanuts, or chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. Plus, since you’re getting a serving of fruit, they’re (almost) guilt-free. 3525 E. Colfax Ave., 303-333-7627,

Ya Hala
With sweet and savory Syrian spices wafting from the kitchen, this small eatery boasts big flavor. Take a break from the sun and order a meaty kebab: a marinated and grilled boneless chicken breast, or lean ground beef or lamb charbroiled and tossed with spices, parsley, and onion. Vegetarians can request an off-the-menu veggie skewer that delivers full flavor: Grilled onion slices are simple, salty, and nicely charred; robust, juicy tomatoes sit on the ends; and crisp green pepper rings anchor the center. 2100 S. Colorado Blvd., 303-758-9376,

This chic LoHi hideout is a favorite haunt thanks to its Nutella popsicle—a creamy, nuttier take on a fudge bar. The popsicles, made in wild flavors that range from French toast to celery-lime, are crafted in-house, and their fast freezing and quick selling keeps ’em silky smooth and sans ice crystals. Stop by for a refresher—and don’t miss the sandwiches. 2639 W. 32nd Ave., 303-433-0949,