Destination Spa Guide

Even if you’ve just driven up the hill for a quick weekend away from Denver, there’s something about visiting a spa on vacation that seems especially indulgent. We scouted out a range of high-country spas—you know, for some extra encouragement to schedule that appointment you were already dreaming about. Plus, we revisit some tried-and-true urban favorites, scope out spas with a twist, and give you the 411 on spa etiquette. Go ahead. Get pampered. You deserve it.

November 2012

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa • Hot Sulphur Springs

Go here for: A throwback, no-frills retreat experience with natural healing at its core. The retro-funky resort, with 17 basic lodge rooms, plus a rustic cabin and apartment, is built around seven gurgling hot springs that begin in volcanic fissures 35,000 feet below the surface and bubble up into 21 mineral pools and baths (98 to 112 degrees) for your soaking pleasure. The mineral water, which includes sulfate, silica, potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium, is unfiltered with no added chemicals. The hot springs were first tapped by the Ute Indians, who considered them magic healing waters, and the resort—though its heyday was between the 1920s and 1950s—has operated continuously for about a century and a half.

Get pampered with: The Raindrop Therapy ($20) and your choice of massage ($75). The spa menu is limited, but as a means of purifying your system and revitalizing your energy, this treatment complements the mineral soaking. Your therapist will integrate 10 essential oils into your massage by dripping the oils, in succession, along your spine like drops of rain. Each oil has a distinct scent and function, such as oregano and thyme (both antivirals), peppermint (for pain relief), and basil (a muscle relaxant) for a powerful overall impact. 

Quick tip: We recommend bringing shower shoes for the barebones locker room and your own towels to avoid the $2 towel fee ($6 for a robe).

Look for: The Ute Cave Pool. When you exit the locker rooms before or after your spa treatment, head over the walkway and up the steps to the larger pool. The temperature is comfortable enough to soak in without overheating. Take your turn under the cascading waterfall and let it rain down on your neck and shoulders for a therapeutic massage effect.

Schedule it: 970-725-3306, hotsulphursprings.com