Single in the City

Looking for love? Don’t sweat it—we’re making it easy on you. We tracked down 17 of the hottest singles in the Front Range, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Dig in for 5280’s most eligible dates.

February 2013


The Sophisticate
Tasha L. Jones, 38 (top left)
Director of marketing, Forest City Stapleton, Inc.

Secret talent: I make pretty creative cupcakes. Martha Stewart awarded me a prize!

I’m a sucker for: A deep, sultry voice.

Part of my charm: I mix up common quotes and phrases all the time, like “pulling the cat out of the hat” and “letting the rabbit out of the bag.”

Childhood crush: Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block fame.

Biggest fear: Letting my ego get in the way. I like to keep it in check.

Dream vacation: A week at the Ritz in Paris.

What I look for in a significant other: A thoughtful and humorous gentleman who is tenaciously successful.

Great night out: A concert at Red Rocks or at a park.

My hero(es): Empowering women such as Jill Scott, Oprah Winfrey, and Condoleezza Rice.

You’d never guess: I was a really good sprinter. Well after I graduated college, I still held the record for the 100-meter dash at my junior high school in Fort Collins.

Guilty pleasure: Cold Stone Creamery’s banana caramel crunch with extra almonds.

TiVo embarrassment: I’m unapologetic about my TiVo.

If I had one wish: Knowing that I’d be able to care for my parents, that they’d be OK as they grow older.



The Musician

Matthew Moon, 40 (top right) 

I can’t live without: My Australian labradoodle, Charlie.

I’m a sucker for: A girl who knows how to cook.

Part of my charm: I’m an excellent listener.

Great night out: Good friends, dinner at Carmine’s on Penn, and home before midnight.

Favorite musician: Paul Simon.

On the bucket list: Living on a tropical island where I can walk out my door 100 yards and sit on the beach and swim in the ocean.

iPod embarrassment: The Bee Gees.

Biggest accomplishment: Completing my fifth studio album.

What I look for in a significant other: Somebody caring, thoughtful, and nurturing.

Guilty pleasure: Popcorn.

When I’m not working, I am: Doing something outside, like hiking or skiing.

Dating deal-breaker: A girl who talks too much. 

Dream vacation: With my girl traveling through Austria to Vienna and Salzburg.



The Gal Pal

Sally Walker (left), 33, & Bre Ortola, 26 (bottom right)
Co-owners, Alchemy Mineral Blends


I can’t live without: GPS on my phone.

I’m a sucker for: Sour Patch Kids.

Rainy-day activity: Oil painting.

What I look for in a significant other: Connection, chemistry, and a good sense of humor.

You’d never guess: I’m a really good cyclist. I can ride some of the hardest climbs in Boulder.

Dream vacation: Southern France.

Secret talent: Making a good Irish stew.

Great night out: Having someone cook me dinner and take me to see one of my favorite bands.

On the bucket list: A scuba diving trip to Belize.

Nickname: Skallywag.

Childhood crush: River Phoenix.

When I’m not working, I am: Cooking, cycling, climbing, hiking, or listening to music.


If I could have a superpower: I’d read minds.

On the bucket list: I really want to be on Wheel of Fortune. 

I can’t live without: Pizzeria Locale pizza and Champagne.

What I look for in a significant other: A witty personality, honesty, and a sexy smile.

Biggest accomplishment: Starting Alchemy on a shoestring with Sally.

Rainy-day activity: Baking and eating it all.

Celebrity crush: Ryan Reynolds.

Guilty pleasure: Anything and everything that is salted caramel.

I’m a sucker for: Dessert. And my niece and nephew. Anything they ask me for, they get.

Dating deal-breaker: Selfishness and not opening the door for me.

Dream vacation: Thailand or Croatia.

You’d never guess: I was on Escape Routes, a reality show on NBC.

What I’m reading: I’m rereading The Alchemist.


The Humanitarian

Dave Sevick, 53 (bottom left) 
Director of marketing and communications, Tennyson Center for Children

If I could have a superpower: I’d see into the future.

Dream vacation: New Zealand.

Dating deal-breaker: Whiners and complainers.

Guilty pleasures: Politics, college football, and vodka martinis.

What I’m reading: Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris.

Rainy-day activity: Cleaning and hanging with my dog.

Part of my charm: My humor. I play pranks on my friends.

I’m a sucker for: Tearjerker movies.

What I look for in a significant other: A guy who makes me laugh, wows me, and makes me antsy until I can see him again.

Find me here on a Saturday night: In the summer, I’m camping in the mountains. Otherwise, I’m hanging out with friends.

You’d never guess: I write “adult” Dr. Seussstyle poetry for my friends’ birthdays.

I’m so over: Political divisiveness.

If I had one wish: I would have 30 more minutes with my mom and dad.