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Power Up

No longer just for the yoga-obsessed, juicing hits the mainstream.

April 2013

In certain crowds, beets, kale, apples, and ginger have become synonymous with breakfast. But you don’t have to embrace the juice fast or seek out a specialty shop to enjoy the benefits. The fresh-pressed drinks—promoted for their immune-system-boosting, cancer-fighting benefits—have hit restaurant menus. Here, a few of Denver’s most delicious, vitamin-packed tonics (paired with don’t-miss dishes).


Ace Eat Serve

Although best known for table tennis and modern Asian fare, Ace Eat Serve also offers healthy sips. Order the cucumber-beet-apple-kale juice ($6) for its refreshing flavor and cleansing benefits: cucumber flushes toxins, beets cleanse the blood, and kale packs a wallop of antioxidants and calcium. Plus: Watch for Ace Juice Bar, a spin-off entity with curbside delivery, to open on Tax Day. 

Order this: The chive-and-pork shumai.

501 E. 17th Ave., 303-800-7705,


A lunchtime sandwich spot in the Golden Triangle, Parsley offers an array of simple juices built around carrots, apples, and, you guessed it, parsley. The easy-drinking carrot-apple-ginger combo ($4.95–$6.20) is a nutrient-dense alternative to soda with your midday meal.

Order this: The Cherokee with roasted turkey, green chiles, pepper jack, tomato, onion, and chipotle sauce.

303 W. 11th Ave., 303-893-7914,

WaterCourse Foods

Uptown’s vegetarian standby, WaterCourse Foods, offers a small selection of juice blends. Our favorite—the Metabolism Booster, $5.50—gets its moniker from fresh ginger and a dash of cayenne. Celery, pineapple, apple, carrot, and lemon round out the drink and offset the heat.

Order this: The street tacos stuffed with fried sweet potato and black beans and topped with a lime-cilantro slaw.

837 E. 17th Ave., 303-832-7313,

True Food Kitchen

At True Food Kitchen, the Medicine Man ($6) just might be a miracle worker. Each ingredient—sea buckthorn, pomegranate, cranberry, and black tea—is chock-full of powerful antioxidants, and they combine to create what’s billed as the ultimate health tonic. A splash of soda water gives the drink a fizzy, almost cocktail-like touch.

Order this: The signature kale salad with breadcrumbs, lemon, and garlic.

2800 E. Second Ave., 720-509-7661,
ON THE MOVE: Watch for RollinGreens Juicery, a local food truck serving organic, fresh raw juices.