Mastering the Bath

The master bathroom—far out of sight from guests—is usually the last room to get attention. But with the right remodel, it just might become your favorite room in the house. We found four bathrooms that double as relaxing retreats. Step inside for inspiration.

June 2013

1 Timeless Elegance
A traditional bathroom with just a touch of shimmer.
When talking about her master bathroom, interior designer Michelle Jaffe uses terms like “formal balance” and “scale graduation.” We just call it good design—which comes not only from Michelle, but also from her husband, Bruce, a cabinet-maker, and architect Lisa Egger, whom Michelle tapped to draw up the couple’s Boulder home because of a shared penchant for “traditional houses with contemporary cleanness.” The result is a lesson in applying classic design principles to 21st-century living.

Go custom
Bruce built the cabinets to house the bath’s dual sinks. “Custom cabinets work well in bathrooms,” says Michelle, “because you can use whatever paint color you want, and they’re not so heavy.” It’s topped with a Calcutta Gold marble slab.

Add sparkle
Polished nickel faucets (by Watermark) and drawer pulls (by Top Knobs) are a sophisticated look best used in master bathrooms, says Michelle. “It’s not a very forgiving material,” she says. So reserve the look for rooms where you can enjoy it—and keep it safe from little ones and guests.

Flatter yourself
“Having lights in front of you, not coming from above, is much more flattering,” Michelle says. “It takes out all the wrinkles.” The Studio Openwork Long Sconces are from Visual Comfort & Co.