No Place Like Home

One of Denver’s most beautiful—and storied—historic mansions has been remade into a staycation-worthy bed-and-breakfast in the heart of Capitol Hill.

July 2013

Hours before my late-night windowside musings, my husband and I stroll the blocks surrounding the Patterson Inn. Although we live less than five miles from Capitol Hill, we’ve never wandered on foot through the area’s leafy streets. Tucked amongst apartment buildings and high-rises are remnants of the neighborhood the Pattersons once knew. Every few blocks a historic home—the Capitol Hill, Boettcher, and Grant-Humphreys mansions—stands resolute in the face of time and reminds us why this part of Denver, and more specifically a long section of nearby Grant Street, was once called Millionaire’s Row.

After our twilight amble, we head to the intersection of Grant Street and Seventh Avenue, where we duck into the seven-month-old Vesper Lounge for a cocktail—the on-tap old fashioned seems appropriate, although the Silver Gin Fizz is just as tasty. We chat with the barkeep until it’s time to walk next door to Mizuna, one of Denver’s finest fine-dining establishments, for our dinner reservation. Over seared veal tenderloin, Skuna Bay salmon, and a bottle of Syrah—we know we’re walking “home,” after all—we talk about our plans for the next morning.

From the inn, we have our choice of easy-to-walk-to attractions—a handful of places that, even though we live in Denver, we sometimes forget to make time to enjoy: the Molly Brown House Museum, the Denver Art Museum, the Clyfford Still Museum, Cheesman Park, and the History Colorado Center. As we linger over a dessert of warm chocolate cake, we decide to wait until the morning to settle on a destination. After all, in the backs of our minds we know we could choose a different option altogether: sleeping in late, relishing in a breakfast we didn’t cook, and spending some time in a home that is an extraordinary experience in its own right.