The Mile High Holidays: A Local Gift Guide

Wrap up one of these local goodies for the special Coloradan in your life.
December 2013


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: The New Black
Clockwise from top left: 

1. Vital Industries wren rocks glass, $12 at Vital Industries, 4335 W. 41st Ave., 303-433-1765, vitalindustries.com 

2. Watson & Co op art lacquer box, $85 at Watson & Co, 1524 S. Broadway, 303-777-8087, watsonandco.com 

3. Counter Couture pillows, $36 each at countercouturedesign.com 

4. Two Little Fruits painted wood creations, $24 each at twolittlefruits.com

5. Revampt blankets, $165 each at Revampt, 2601 E. Third Ave., 720-536-5464, revamptgoods.com 

6. Deny magnet board, $99 at denydesigns.com