The Mile High Holidays: A Local Gift Guide

Wrap up one of these local goodies for the special Coloradan in your life.
December 2013


How to say...

...We're Friends  
Red Bench Jewelry’s guitar bangle bracelets, $115 for a set of 10 at redbenchjewelry.com

...We're Forever
Todd Reed 18-karat gold and silver necklace with autumn brilliant and raw diamonds, $5,060 at Todd Reed, 2015 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-442-6280, toddreed.com 

...We're In Love  
Samantha Louise 18-karat gold and diamond Halo Studs earrings, $875 at Oster Jewelers, 251 Steel St., 303-572-1111, osterjewelers.com  


Best Gift Ever 
from Stephanie Shearer, Co-Owner of Soul Haus

"In the fourth grade, I was the clinical definition of “supergeek from the wrong side of the tracks.” When Mrs. May asked us to make Valentine’s Day boxes, I crafted mine from a round Quaker Oats container. Finances were pretty thin for my single mom working two jobs, so when I asked if we could buy the authentic Winnie the Pooh valentines (instead of the “Honey Bear and Friends” off-brand), it was a considerable request. Sure, there were a few kids I didn’t really get along with, but I wrote out 36 Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore cards to each and every student. When the holiday finally arrived, my classmates poured mountains of Valentines on their desks, and I was devastated to open my crepe-papered cylinder to find a single Valentine—from Mrs. May—and a torn piece of notebook paper scrawled with the words “kiss ass.” Twenty years later, as Chris Bacorn (now my husband) and I celebrated our first February 14th as a couple, Chris presented to me a Valentine box full of 36 Winnie the Pooh cards: each with a different sentiment of what he loved about me. That was the very day I knew I would marry him."