Front Range

Roadside Assistance

Five essential items to keep in your car during winter.

December 2013

The traffic on I-70 isn’t the only daunting thing about winter travel; the roads themselves can be pretty darn treacherous. Last year, hundreds of cars skidded off mountain roads, resulting in accidents and stranded motorists. To spare you a long, uncomfortable—and potentially dangerous—wait on the side of the highway, we consulted the Colorado Department of Transportation, AAA, and our friends’ winter-driving horror stories to create this roadside survival kit. One important note: Keep these items inside your vehicle, not in the trunk, in case it freezes shut. Seriously. It happens. Exclusive: Five more items to winterize your car.



Orbit DriftMaster Shovel 

This 11-inch shovel is heftier than its collapsible competitors, but it makes up for the added bulkiness with efficiency: The blade can move more snow faster than flimsier fold-up versions. $19.99,