The Ultimate Guide to the Modern-Day Ski Bum

Contrary to the popular belief, ski bums aren’t extinct—they’re just evolving.

November 2013


If you’re looking for a life filled with zero responsibilities and epic days on the mountain, you should’ve been a ski bum in 1965. Today’s ski-town slackers still get in their powder days, but “the lifestyle” has changed in this era of high-gloss resorts. Here, the lowdown on how to live the high life—now.

Meet a few of Colorado's real life ski bums:

Jesse Ambrogi-Yanson

Jamas Stiber

Tom Carrillo

Daryl Newcomb

Table of Contents:

Not Dead Yet: Contrary to popular belief, ski bums aren't extinct—they're just evolving.

Quiz: The SBAT (Ski Bum Aptitude Test)

Rules To Bum By

Dude, You So Totally Need to Know The Lingo

Tricks of the Trade: Surviving in a ski town has its challenges. Here's how to live it up.

Light Reading: Books every bum should have on the shelf.

All in the Family

Q&A: Dream Job: The skinny on the gig every bum wants.

What'll Ya Have?: Saving money on the mountains.

Last Resort: Perks of working on the mountain.

Yard Sale Price: The cost of a spill.

Top of the Mountains: Ski towns are not all created equal.