Front Range

To Russia, With Love

Meet Colorado’s Olympic hopefuls.

January 2014


Trains In: Colorado Springs 

Started Figure Skating: Age 9

Known For: Jumping ability (second U.S. male to perform two quad jumps in one program); speed

Training Regimen: Skates three or four 45-minute sessions each day plus two-a-days at the gym (total of 1.5 hours) for power lifting and interval training

Go-To Trick: Quad sow (takes off from back inside edge of one foot, performs four rotations, lands on the back outside edge of the opposite foot).

Favorite (Other) Winter Olympic Sports to Watch: Men’s snowboarding halfpipe, bobsled

Trivia: Aaron started figure skating to improve his hockey skills. After he broke his back in 2008, he left hockey for good.

Tough Choices: “You can be good at two sports, but you can only be really great at one. It took a long time to understand what that meant—until I broke my back. I figured it out: ‘I’m going to come back with one sport, and I’m going to be great at it.’”