Front Range

To Russia, With Love

Meet Colorado’s Olympic hopefuls.

January 2014

TorinYaterWallaceHometown: Aspen

Started Skiing: Age 2

Top Finish: Back-to-back gold medals (2012 and 2013) at Winter X Games in Europe

Preferred Mountains: Snowmass, Whistler

Go-To Trick: Cork 540 with a tail grab (one-and-a-
half spins)

Favorite (Other) Winter Olympic Sport to Watch: Hockey

Quick Start: He was first invited to the Winter X Games at age 15.

No Net: “I do a lot of trampoline work. I practice or train tricks on the tramp and then bring them to snow. I’m not the biggest fan of air bags. I prefer [trying tricks] on a slushy day in the spring when there’s a little give in the snow so it’s not quite as scary if you think you’re going to fall.”