Sitting Pretty

From scientific skin-care regimens to high-tech body sculpting, here are ways to freshen up what you see in the mirror.
January 2014

Denverites aren’t known for their vanity—not in the way that, say, Los Angelenos or Miamians are known for their high-gloss, high-maintenance (and sometimes highly enhanced) facades. But just because those of us who live a mile high don’t go for the Barbie doll look doesn’t mean we don’t work at it a bit. “Colorado’s definition of beauty is just a little more healthy, sporty, active, and outdoorsy,” says Dr. Cory Dunnick of the University of Colorado Cosmetic Services center. “People here tend to go for more natural results.”

In other words, Coloradans aren’t above a little augmentation (yes, we’re talking plastic surgery as well as less invasive procedures); they simply have different ideas about what constitutes beauty—and how to attain it. According to local dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and others in the beauty industry, Coloradans are seeking out the same cosmetic treatments as everyone else—but in moderation. “It’s all about enhancing what you’ve already got, not about looking like a celebrity,” says Tahl Humes, M.D., owner of Denver-based Vitahl Medical Aesthetics. To that end, patients are getting savvier about navigating the preponderance of technologies and procedures available to help us look beautiful and age gracefully. “We don’t hear ‘I’m too young for that’ anymore,” Humes says. “This is the new preventive medicine.”