Wishful Thinking

Our 18 wishes—ranging from realistic to far-fetched—for making Denver an even dreamier place to live.

January 2014





Wish16Monetary support for our soccer team

Even after winning a Major League Soccer championship. Even after signing phenom Gabriel Torres from Panama. Even after producing a Rookie of the Year (and runner-up) last year. Even after all that, the Colorado Rapids are still the only MLS team to have never had a shirt sponsor (the big name on the front of almost every other jersey).

Part of the trouble is that Colorado’s sports market is just too good. The team has to “share the wallet” with other pro teams, explains Rapids’ president Tim Hinchey. In the past two years, the Rapids have made at least 18 presentations to companies—many Colorado-based—for a sponsorship (the league average is $1.5 million annually). They’ve gotten as far as a handshake deal, which fell through. No, the Rapids don’t offer Super Bowl–like viewership, but the chance to put your business’ name on a jersey that’s seen in 19 cities, for 34 90-minute games without commercials each season, seems like a win-win media buy. So, Colorado, who’s going to step up?