Dynamic Duos

Nine pairs of people who, through their unique partnerships—some romantic, some not—make Denver a more interesting, entertaining and welcoming place to live.

February 2014

The Collaborators
Downtown Denver Partnership CEO Tami Door and Colorado Technology Association CEO Erik Mitisek share a passion for city building.

Some partnerships form more quickly than others. Two people feel a connection and—click—a bond is born. Such was the case when Tami Door and Erik Mitisek met more than two years ago during a business meeting. Twenty-four hours later, buoyed by a common ethos when it came to engaging entrepreneurs and elevating the city of Denver through collaborative partnerships, the pair embarked on a venture that, with the help of many others, would ultimately evolve into Denver Startup Week.

Today, Door and Mitisek, the CEOs of the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP) and the Colorado Technology Association (CTA), respectively, are still involved in making Startup Week—which, with more than 5,500 attendees in 2013, became the largest event of its kind in the country—a long-term success. But that’s not their only project. These professional networkers move fast when they see a way to fuse digital integration with city building. “Startup Week has begun to change the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the city of Denver,” Mitisek says. Which is why he believes the pair’s next endeavor—an entrepreneurial center at 1245 Champa Street set to open in 2014—is a wonderful opportunity for the Mile High City. “DDP, CTA, and the city will be creating a place for entrepreneurs with digital ideas to come together to catalyze their businesses,” Door says. “It’s excellent branding for the city.”

And that’s what it’s all about for Door and Mitisek: making a better Denver. Using what Mitisek calls Door’s thoughtfulness (“She has an ability to not only identify who will take part in a deal but to also understand who should be involved in a deal”) and riding high on what Door says is Mitisek’s optimism and confidence (“He doesn’t see obstacles; just the finish line”), this twosome appears to be in a position to do just that.