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The Short, Happy Life of Colorado Harvest Company Marijuana Plant No. 4045

Inside the booming business of legalized weed.


November 2014

From the Editor


Education 2014: Minding The Bottom Line

A look at life in five elementary schools in the Denver Public Schools district a year after voters turned down Amendment 66. 

The Feather

For centuries, Native Americans have viewed the eagle as their link to the Creator of all living things. Now, from the National Eagle Repository just outside Denver, the United States government controls access to this sacred creature. The question remains: Whose bird is it?

Big Ideas

The people, places, and organizations changing the way Coloradans live.

Welcome to Globeville

For more than a century, Denver has mistreated, maligned, or misused the Globeville neighborhood. It’s been cut in four by major interstates. It’s been a dumping ground and a proposed Superfund site. Now, as gentrification encroaches on this historic neighborhood, Globeville residents keep waiting—and wishing—for something better.


Front Range

Carving a Sanctuary

Metro Denver’s only indoor skate park comes with a twist.

Cab Cave

A numerical look inside one of the city's largest vino vaults. 

On the Same Page

An ancestor’s letters helped me fall in love with her Denver—and mine.

How to Fold the Flag

November 11 marks the 60th anniversary of Veterans Day. In remembrance, learn how to wrap Old Glory.

Flight Plan

The holidays are a time filled with family, festivities, and—if you’re one of the estimated five million people passing through Denver International Airport this season—flights. Save your headaches for dinner with the in-laws with these DIA insider tips. 

Selling Z’s

When a fresh set of springs won’t do, a new south Denver sleep store moves in to save the night. 

Who’s Got Spirit?

Denver native Jared Ciner’s fitness classes reach an often-overlooked audience.

Suds Science

One of Denver’s newest breweries links chemistry and carbonation. 

Head of the Class

How Colorado has helped fund construction of new, LEED-certified schools.


Backward Glance

MCA Denver celebrates Mark Mothersbaugh’s cornucopia of creation.

Pack Mentality

Denver embraces a pub crawl for artists.

Roaming Snapshots

Picture Me Camping is a rentable, vintage-inspired photo booth on wheels. 

The Hang-Up

A Boulder fitness company takes your workout into the wild.

Aspen Three (Unexpected) Ways

Expand on the classic mountain town with these three unique winter diversions. 

Playing Dress-Up

Fete Prep 101: crafting the perfect holiday gathering. (It’s never too early to start planning.)

Graphic Arts

Five stunning art-deco pieces inspired by Cartier.

Jewelry Box

Cartier's timeless jewelry brings glamour to the Denver Art Museum this month.


Eat and Drink

On The Half Shell

The story behind Stoic & Genuine’s private-label oysters.

Chef & Brew

Food and beer pair up for a showstopping event.

Happy Circus: Work & Class

Work & Class is all about controlled chaos—which makes the Ballpark eatery a riotous winner.

How To: Make Ice Cream

Chris O’Sullivan, co-owner of Nuggs Ice Cream, scoops on the shop’s apple cider–salted caramel ice cream.


Expanding Interests

Eldora Mountain Resort wants to grow its footprint. Not surprisingly, the small ski hill faces vigorous opposition from its neighbors.

Fun for the Whole Family

Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort has been methodically winning us over—one trip at a time.


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