This month, is all about cocktails. But we’ve got questions: What’s the hottest drink trend right now? What’s a great party drink? When do you mix and when do you stir? We had so many queries that we asked mixologist Sean Kenyon to sit down with us for a live chat about all-things-spirits. As always, please be considerate when posting comments or questions.

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Bijou from Denver

You mentioned that you are noticing a trend towards using amari and other bitter digestives, can you highlight a few cocktails/recipes?


A simple Black Manhattan is a good one. 2oz Rye and 1oz Averna or other rich amaro like Ramazzotti or EXR. stir and serve up. try this one out: The Uncle Jesse (Duke) 2oz Old Grand Dad Bonded .5oz Cherry Liqueur .5oz Cynar Stir, serve on the rocks. And your namesake cocktail, the Bijou 1oz London Dry Gin 1oz Sweet Vermouth 1oz Green Chartreuse Stir and serve up in a chilled cocktail glass with an orange peel or cherry

Kate from Boulder

Where are some of your favorite places to get a drink in Denver (besides W&G and your own house)?


I love Steuben's and Ace. St Ellie, Squeaky Bean and My Brother's Bar are some of my haunts as well.

Robert Sanchez from 5280

I don't drink alcohol (much). What's the best non-alcoholic drink I can share with my kids?


I like muddles fruit in Ginger beer or ginger ale. It's amazing what an apple or peach can do to liven up a simple soda. A few dashes of bitters can be great as well.

Kate from Denver

At first I thought oversize ice cubes were silly, but now I've come to expect them. Can you tell me how this trend came about? Is there something to this, or does it just make the drink look good?


Large format ice cubes work well for spiritous cocktails because the larger surface area causes the ice to dilute more slowly retaining the integrity of the cocktail or spirit from start to finish. The trend is actually a throwback to the days of ice houses when bartenders would chip ice off of a huge block.

Louise from Denver

Bartenders like Randy Layman, Bryan Dayton, Courtney Wilson, and yourself have long been doing great things for Denver's bar scene. But who are the up and comers? Which younger Front Range bartenders are you most excited about and why?


Allison Widdecombe of Williams and Graham, Because she is a master of her ingredients, I am envious of her knowledge of spices. Marcel Templet of Capital Grille, because he is a master of hospitality. and Melissa Durant of Acorn, because she is very creative and pushes the boundaries with her original cocktails.

Alison from Denver

I recently visited a speakeasy in New York and I ordered a vodka cocktail. I was surprised to hear they didn't serve vodka. Can you tell me your thoughts on that?


Vodka is the number one selling spirit in the world, not carrying alienates many of your patrons. That's not very hospitable. I see vodka as a gateway to other cocktails, they are comfortable with it. Once you've earned your guests trust, you can help them experience other spirits...if they want to that is...

Tommy from Denver

Unfortunately, I haven't been back since you guys first opened, but I talk about it all of the time! What are some of the cooler off-nights to go to W&G?


Sun-Tuesday nights are usually the easiest nights to get in. Being so busy is a blessing an a curse because we can't always get everyone in the doors.

Ruth from Englewood

Thank you! Do you have favorite local bourbons or ryes you like to use?


Leopold Bros Rye is my favorite locally. Bourbon is tough. many of them are sourced from out of state, but my favorite in state bourbon is Peach Street

Sharon from Denver

What's the most unique ingredient you've seen used in a cocktail and what else was in the cocktail?


I used carrots in a cocktail competition once. Getting flavor out of it was pretty difficult, I had to muddle it quite a bit. It also had ginger, gin, lemon and sugar.

Sam R. from Denver

Any cool trends/ingredients we should be watching?


The trend towards amari (italian bitter liqueurs) and other bitter digestives is pretty cool. They used to be used strictly for after dinner, now they are finding their way into cocktails. There are hundreds from around the world to chose from.

Josh from Denver

Why do you think Colorado's craft distilling scene has blown up so much?


It was a natural progression from our plethora of breweries. They all use the same base materials and spirits are distilled from grain / beer. many people are moving towards artisanal products so the move towards craft distilleries was natural. Colorado has been ahead of the curve

Ruth from Englewood

Do you have a recipe for an Old Fashioned you can share?!


2oz of your favorite Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, Cognac etc. 1 sugar cube 2 dashes of bitters 1 2 inch cut of lemon peel in a glass place the sugar cube and a spoonful of water. muddle the cube down to a syrup and add 2 dashes of bitters and the spirit. add ice and stir to dilute. Express the oils of the lemon peel and drop it in. Drink up.

Patty from Lakewood

What's your favorite drink to make?


A simple Old Fashioned is my favorite to make and drink. It is so simple but you can blow people away with it....