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After a 1996 car accident left him paralyzed, Jason Regier (center) has risen in the ranks of wheelchair rugby to become Team USA's captain. He's playing in his third Paralympic Games in Rio. Photos courtesy of Jeff Regier

From the Hospital Bed to the Medal Stand

Twenty years after an accident left him paralyzed, Team USA captain Jason Regier seeks Paralympic gold for the second time.

September 13 2016, 3:45 PM

—illustration by David Vogin

Wounded Vets Return To Action To Fight An Entirely Different Enemy

The story behind a new federal program that turns wounded veterans into computer forensic analysts set on tracking down child pornography.

September 2016

Philip Taylor at Black Cat Farm near Boulder
—Photography by Rebecca Stumpf

Can This Colorado Farmer Save Our Oceans?

Boulder scientist Philip Taylor’s answer to sustainable fish and animal feed lies in farming fast-breeding flies. Is he crazy—or brilliant? 

September 2016