Denver Ranked as Top City to Avoid Aging

July 28 2014, 2:00 PM

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Denver is known for being an active city, but now “youthful” can be added the list of adjectives that describes the Mile High City’s populace. Realself, an online forum that disseminates information on aesthetic treatments, ranked Denver fifth on their list of the top cities that defy aging in recent findings. The list was compiled after assessing factors that impact aging, including sun exposure, physical fitness, amount of stress and sleep, and the number of bars and tanning salons per capita.

Denver's outcome was helped by being ranked fourth in the American Health Index study of the nation’s healthiest cities, and its high number of dermatologists (3.4 per capita). The city lost points with 12.8 tanning salons per capita—apparently Denver’s 300 days of sunshine aren’t enough for many people. “The positives really counteracted the negatives,” says Realself spokesperson Jennifer Moses. So where should people go to stay younger the longest? San Francisco finished with the top ranking, followed by Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis.