Outward Bound

The 5280 field guide to taking your child’s learning outside of the classroom—and into the world. 

August 2015

—Jan Von Holleben / Trunk Archive

Social Studies

A toddler’s aversion to sharing only lasts for a short time: When your little one reaches six, his brain can recognize that he isn’t, in fact, the center of the world. Cue the opportunity to introduce giving back to the community.

Penny Picker-Upper Young Philanthropists Foundation

Each year, students in more than 60 Colorado schools spend three months collecting pennies from friends and family. Once the coins are pooled and counted—nearly $100,000 was gathered in the past school year—local nonprofits get the loot. 

TrailBlazer Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

Teach your Coloradan how to help with trail renovations on perennial favorites such as Mt. Bierstadt and Quandary Peak (16 years old and up), or plant local gardens to help the less fortunate (6 years old and up). 

Modern Day Candy-Striper Junior Volunteer Program

In a world dominated by white coats and medical procedures, some of the friendliest faces at Children’s Hospital Colorado belong to kids who choose to be there. Students ages 13 to 18 volunteer to cruise the halls with an art cart or talk kid stuff with patients. 

—Courtesy of Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado