Digital Advertising

Updated August 5, 2015

To upload digital assets, visit:
Username: uploads
Password: 5280up

(Uploads limited to 50mb. For larger items please break them into multiple uploads. For question or problems, please email [email protected])

Implementation & Best Practices
All submitted artwork for and newsletters must follow best practices set forth by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). For more information, visit Flash files are not accepted for newsletters.

Preparing Flash Banners
Find out how to prepare your Flash file for our website. We use DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) to host ad banners. DFP requires the specific clickTAG in order to properly track clicks. You must provide a URL rather than a snippet for the creative. A gif, jpg or png backup file must be provided as Flash will not serve on all platforms including iOS devices.

All banners are due at least 5 business days before the start of the campaign.

Clients can request a status report during the campaign as well as a final report at the conclusion of the campaign. Please contact your account executive for more information.

Please contact an account executive for pricing and terms.

Run of Site (ROS)

Download PDF of specifications
Banners will run in rotation on all pages not sold for exclusive monthly section sponsorships.

Display Ad Units Available:

Display Ad Unit Requirements:

  • Max File Size: 40K
  • File Types Accepted: jpg, gif, png, flash, javascript & most third-party ad tags
  • Link: URL for banners to direct to

Mobile Ad Units available:

  • 320x50 Mobile Adhesion banner [example]

Mobile Ad Unit Requirements:

  • Max File Size: 40K
  • File Types Accepted: jpg, gif, png
  • Animation: 10 seconds max
  • Link: URL for banners to direct to


  • Standard Takeover Example [example]

Sponsor a section of your choice and be the exclusive advertiser for that page. Landing page includes Leaderboard, Half Page and Medium Rectangle banner sizes.

Takeovers can run on the following Categories:
Channels, Directories, Guides and Content Categories. Please contact your account executive for more information.

(3) Ad Units required:


Homepage - Desktop and Mobile
Front and center display to our most heavily visited page. Your message shows up to each unique visitor once a day. 

Channels - Desktop Only

Rich Media

Pushdown Leaderboard [example]
(home page and section landing pages only)
A leaderboard with initial dimensions of 970x90 pixels. When the ad is expanded, it “pushes” page content down rather than displaying over the top of page content as most expandable ads do. For guidelines and an Adobe Flash template for this format, please visit:
(Please note that HTML 5 must be provided as a third-party tag. 5280 offers HTML5 hosting for additional fees, please contact your sales associate for further details.)

In-banner video [example]
Promote your pre-produced 15 second ad to visitors.

For more creative guidelines, please visit IAB Display Advertising Guidelines


Download PDF of 5280 newsletters specifications
Newsletter traffic changes daily. Please contact your account executive to get up-to the-minute statistics.

Ad Units available:

Creative Requirements:

  • Max File Size: 40K
  • File Types Accepted:  jpg, gif, png
  • Link: URL for banners to direct to
  • Subject Line: For Traveler, The Goods and A-List only
  • Sponsored Images only:  40 characters of text, spaces included


Table Talk: Published every Tuesday [example]
An inside look at Denver’s ever-changing food scene.

Best Bets: Published every Wednesday [example]
Editors’ picks for the week’s hottest events.

Dwell: Published two Thursdays monthly [example]
At home in the Mile High City.

Roundup: Published every Friday [example]
Your weekly dish of’s best stories.

Traveler: Published two Thursdays monthly [example]
Exclusive travel promotions from 5280 advertisers.

A-List: Published monthly [example]
Special events, exclusive offers, chances to win, and more.

First Look: Published monthly [example]
Inside 5280’s latest issue—on newsstands now!

Steals & Deals: Published every Friday [example]
Discounts and timely deals from 5280 advertisers.

The Goods: Published twice monthly [example]
Select offers from 5280 magazine and our partners.

Kids & Family: Published the second Monday of each month [example]
Fun stuff fit for Colorado families.

Wellnesss: Published two Wednesdays a month [example]
Keeping Colorado’s health in check.

Selects: Published monthly [example]
Hand-selected offered just for you.