A Note from Megan Feldman

Since I finishing reporting "What Happened to Abbey's Mom," in March of this year, Nicole Davis has continued to be treated with oral chemotherapy medications and remains tumor-free. She knows this doesn’t reverse her diagnosis, but she insists on being optimistic and believes in the possibility of remission. Though the meds sometimes make her feel sick, she has maintained a busy schedule of family visits, lakeside weekends, and lunches with friends. In April, she and her husband, Tyler, hosted an outdoor party for Abbey’s second birthday, and a few weeks ago they celebrated their third wedding anniversary.—Megan Feldman

If you’re interested in helping the Davis family, you can send donations to Wells Fargo Bank, 10103 W. Bellview Ave., Littleton, Colorado, 80127, in care of Marilyn Medina. Make checks payable to the Nicole Davis Donation Account.

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