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The Face of Cosmetic Surgery

Jack Zamora MD, Cosmetic Surgery

Doctors from North America, South America and Europe have their sights set on one of Denver’s premier oculofacial plastic surgeons. Dr. Jack Zamora specializes in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures for the face and body with minimal downtime. These doctors are traveling to Colorado to learn his techniques.

Dr. Zamora offers his patients the most advanced, innovative technology available. Now you can experience J-Plazty, a new skin tightening procedure utilizing cold plasma energy. Dr. Zamora created and developed the J-Plazty technique which gives patients instantly tighter, firmer skin, and reduces crepey-ness and sagging. “This is the first time that this technology has been used for these particular cosmetic procedures, which has now opened the door for all 40 to 60-year old patients wanting a ‘mini-lift’ without the scars,” says Dr. Zamora. Additionally, Dr. Zamora can tighten loose skin on the body after pregnancy or weight loss, or from the aging process.

When it comes to finding the right surgeon, education is key. Dr. Zamora is a national trainer and educator. “I really enjoy teaching. I was previously an assistant professor at Boston University, and I miss the energy that comes from education. One of my goals has been to continue that dream of practice and education. Along with our national and international training for our J-Plazty procedures, we have also initiated an Advanced Aesthetic Institute for nurses and aestheticians to learn to inject Botox, fillers, and perform the most advanced laser procedures.”

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12001 Tejon St., Suite 130, Westminster, CO 80234 | 303-452-8800

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