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The Face of Morning Milk

Sugar Hill Dairy

Do you know where the cream in your coffee or the milk in your cereal come from? Let us introduce you to just a few of the faces behind your morning milk.

Please meet the family of the Sugar Hill Dairy. The Edstrom family is dedicated to producing the best product possible for you and your loved ones. “We try to balance family life and community involvement while also being excellent stewards of the land,” says Ashley Edstrom, co-owner of the Sugar Hill Dairy. “That means not only are we committed to the quality of our products, we also make animal care and respect our number one focus.”

“Like all dairy farmers,” Edstrom continues, “we strive to maintain high levels of cow care and comfort, while providing a wholesome, nutritious product.”

As a family-run operation, Sugar Hill Dairy finds drive and passion in knowing they are playing their part to boost Colorado based businesses, and help people at the same time. “It’s an incredible thing to be a part of feeding people all over the world and in our community in a way that also allows us to raise our children to have respect for people, the land, and the animals we care for,” notes Edstrom.

“Colorado turns out some of the best milk and dairy products in the country, and we thank everyone who drinks a glass of milk with breakfast, has a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, or a dish of ice cream for dessert.”

westerndairyassociation.org | (303) 451-7711
12000 Washington St, Suite 175, Thornton, CO 80241

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