Single in the City

You want ’em, we got ’em: 20 people so sizzlin’, this issue might spontaneously combust. They’re megasmart, super-sexy, ridiculously talented—and, oh yeah, available! Behold, 5280’s most eligible catches.

February 2011
Single in the City 2011, Marisa Murgolo

The Energizer Bunny

Marisa Murgolo, 34
Social worker

I’m a sucker for: Good manners.
Part of my charm: I’m embarrassingly inept with electronics.
Secret hobby: Making my own wine, and learning to play the violin.
Guilty pleasure: Coca-Cola.
Childhood crush: Michael J. Fox.
You’d never guess: I’ve run nine half-marathons, four marathons, and raised more than $20,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
When I’m not working: I’m volunteering with Colorado Youth at Risk, skiing, running, at girls’ night at the DPAC, at the Bluebird Theater, or enjoying a new restaurant.
What I look for in a significant other: Someone who is smart, adventurous, kind, equally content at a baseball game or the theater. And capable—I like guys who can fix a tire, build a fire, and use a compass.

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Single in the City 2011, Manny Almagure

The Hero

Manny Almagure, 40
Captain, Denver Fire Department

Secret hobby: Collecting KISS paraphernalia.
Nickname: The Dark Knight.
You’d never guess: I’ve never drunk alcohol. And I haven’t eaten cheese in about 15 years.
Dating deal-breaker: Controlling behavior.
iPod embarrassment: Olivia Newton-John’s Greatest Hits. For a metalhead like me, that’s a no-no.
Find me here on the weekend: Coaching my 10-year-old daughter’s basketball game.
Great night out: Nice dinner followed by a show at the Fillmore.
What I look for in a significant other: Someone genuine and loyal who puts family first.

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Single in the City 2011, Jamie Kim

The Storyteller

Jamie Kim, early 30s
Reporter/producer, 9News

I’m a sucker for: Football. My dog is named after the Broncos mascot, Miles. His middle name is Ralphie, after the CU Buffs mascot.
Part of my charm: I tell it like it is.
Rainy-day activity: Cooking and baking. Korean food makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
Nickname: Jameson. Or Tricia Takanawa (from Family Guy).
You’d never guess: I was the first person to report on-scene at the Balloon Boy landing. Also, I’m pretty mechanically inclined—I taught myself how to change a spark plug.
Biggest fear: Not living up to the expectations my parents have for me.
What I look for in a significant other: Someone intelligent and good-looking who doesn’t know it, and who makes me laugh and thinks outside of himself, his job, and his world. And he has to enjoy Korean food, or he’s out.

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Single in the City 2011, Mark Huebner

The Dude From The Bachelorette

Mark Huebner, 28
Owner, Denver Pizza Company and Motive Brand Marketing

Part of my charm: My ability to take life in stride and view it with a sense of humor.
Secret talent: I was the lead singer of a band called Two Lane Road. Our music is still on iTunes. We opened for the Fray at the Fox.
Guilty pleasure: Nilla Wafers.
You’d never guess: I’m a nerd.
Rainy-day activity: Xbox 360. Awful, but true.
iPod embarrassment: Alanis Morissette. It’s not my fault it’s on there.
Biggest fear: Failure in marriage.
Biggest accomplishment: Mentoring a kid for 10 years. He had cystic fibrosis, and passed away. What I look for in a significant other: The perfect match, perfect chemistry—someone who can put up with me.

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