Single in the City

You want ’em, we got ’em: 20 people so sizzlin’, this issue might spontaneously combust. They’re megasmart, super-sexy, ridiculously talented—and, oh yeah, available! Behold, 5280’s most eligible catches.

February 2011
Single in the City 2011, Sandja Brügmann

The Balanced Soul

Sandja Brügmann, 35
Owner, Refresh Agency (PR/digital media)

I’m a sucker for: Spiritual conversations.
You’d never guess: I’m a Danish national archery champion and former Olympics hopeful.
On the bucket list: My grandfather was a watchmaker, and I’d love to launch a watch brand based on his original designs from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s.
My hero: My 11-year-old daughter.
When I’m not working: I’m doing yoga, skiing Vail or Aspen, trail running, being creative and enjoying art, or exploring. I do need to get better at sleeping.
Find me here on a Saturday night: In the company of good friends at Table 6.
Dream vacation: A tree-house hotel in Vietnam.
If I had one wish: To make our planet healthy, and for humans to live in balance with the environment.
What I look for in a significant other:
Emotional awareness and willingness to work through issues—everybody has their baggage.

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Single in the City 2011, Terrance Carroll

The Lawmaker

Terrance Carroll, 42
Former speaker of the House, Colorado General Assembly

Can’t live without: My BlackBerry, sadly.
Secret hobby: Horseback riding.
Guilty pleasure: A good Scotch or whiskey.
On the bucket list: There’s this big cattle drive in Australia that’s pretty famous, which I’d love to do.
Dating deal-breaker: Neediness.
When I’m not working: Not working? When am I not working?
If I could have a superpower: Being able to eat as much barbecue as I want and not gain weight.
If I had one wish: That my mother could have been here to see me become speaker of the House.
Once-in-a-lifetime moment: Having dinner with Bill Clinton.
What I look for in a significant other: Someone smart, fun, open-minded, nonjudgmental—and cute, of course.

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Single in the City 2011, Kael Robinson

The World Traveler

Kael Robinson, 28
Owner, Live Worldly (imports goods/gives back to charity)

Can’t live without: Traveling.
I’m so over: Cold weather.
I’m a sucker for: Chocolate.
Celebrity crush: Leonardo DiCaprio.
In my DVR lineup: The Office, 30 Rock, Gossip Girl, Modern Family, and Mad Men.
Dating deal-breakers: If he doesn’t play sports or doesn’t like traveling.
Biggest fear: Not being successful.
Find me here on a Saturday night: The Wine Loft or LoHi SteakBar.
What I’m reading: The newest Chelsea Handler book.
Once-in-a-lifetime moment: Outward Bound in Australia when I was 16. That was pivotal for me.
What I look for in a significant other: A best friend.

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Single in the City 2011, Steve Weed

The Wise Guy

Steve Weed, early 40s
On-air personality, Alice 105.9’s Slacker and Steve show

Can’t live without: My circulatory and respiratory systems. And cake.
I’m a sucker for: Women with home perms.
Secret talent: Apparently I am the only person in Colorado who possesses the ability to drive fast in the fast lane on I-25! It’s called the “passing” lane for a reason.
Great night out: Any time an insurance deductible is involved.
My hero: My neighbor. He has a smoking-hot wife.
When I’m not working: I’m spying on my neighbor’s smoking-hot wife.
What I look for in a significant other: Gymnast-like stamina and flexibility, and a willingness to share a bathroom with my mother.

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