Single in the City

You want ’em, we got ’em: 20 people so sizzlin’, this issue might spontaneously combust. They’re megasmart, super-sexy, ridiculously talented—and, oh yeah, available! Behold, 5280’s most eligible catches.

February 2011
Single in the City 2011, Hassina Omar

The Humanitarian

Hassina Omar, 43
Account executive, 850 KOA; nonprofit leader

I’m so over: People taking their freedom for granted.
Part of my charm: I’m a total people person; I make friends very easily.
Guilty pleasure: I’m kind of a power-shopper. Once a year I go overseas and buy lots of clothes.
Find me here on the weekend: Friday night—Sushi Den, the Capital Grille, or Sushi Hai. Saturday I spend with my family.
Biggest accomplishment: Continuing my parents’ charity work with Handicapped Children of Afghanistan. I go back every year to help the kids in honor of my parents.
If I had one wish: Peace in Afghanistan.
What I look for in a significant other: Independence, good values and morals, a little worldliness—a sense of different cultures.

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Single in the City 2011, Dan Condon

The School Boy

Dan Condon, 39
Associate director of professional development, Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center

I’m so over: Whatever the latest social media thing is.
I’m a sucker for: Labrador puppies.
Part of my charm: My honesty.
Secret talent: I can root out the best happy hours. And juggle.
On the bucket list: To attend the World Cup in the U.S.A.
Nickname: Daniel-san, à la Karate Kid.
Biggest fear: I have a clown phobia. They creep me out.
iPod embarrassment: The Lion King soundtrack. There’s some stigma there.
Dream vacation: Yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico.
If I could have one wish: All of our students in the country should be given a more equitable education.
What I look for in a significant other: Someone supportive, kind, and funny who challenges me and is driven by something other than money.

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Single in the City 2011, Anne Medina

The Entertainer

Anne Medina, 29
aka “Fannie Spankings,” burlesque performer/producer/emcee

Can’t live without: My sparkly red lip glitter. And my MP3 player. It’s so archaic, I know.
I’m so over: Low-riding jeans that show off plumber’s crack.
Part of my charm: My ability to fit into any social situation. I can be wild at the bar or hang with Grandma and Grandpa and knit a sweater.
Secret talent: I’m learning to play the banjo.
Once-in-a-lifetime moment: Performing at Red Rocks at sunset with Zebra Junction and comedian Josh Blue.
You’d never guess: My favorite musician is Bob Dylan. I’m a hippie at heart.
Find me here on a Saturday night: Doing my burlesque and comedy show, “Fannie Spankings’ Off The Clock,” at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret.
Biggest fear: People having preconceived notions about me without ever getting to know me. And spiders.
If I could have a superpower: Being in five places at once.
What I look for in a significant other: Someone who knows a lot of things but isn’t a know-it-all; who can laugh at himself and is curious about travel and art; and who likes cats.

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Single in the City 2011, Jim Guttau

The Prince of PR

Jim Guttau, 33
Owner, Guttau Public Relations

Can’t live without: Risotto. If I could do PR for risotto, I would.
I’m so over: Crocs.
Secret talent: I’m really good with sidewalk chalk.
Guilty pleasure: Hot tubs in the mountains.
On the bucket list: Caravan across the desert with a bedouin tribe; dog sledding; sitting front row at New York Fashion Week.
Rainy-day activity: Watching foreign films with subtitles.
Celebrity crushes: Dean Cain, Eddie Cibrian (CSI: Miami).
Dating deal-breaker: Just one? Seriously? I should write a book.
Find me here on a Saturday night: Charity event.
When I’m not working: I’m at a theme party. I have Rubbermaid containers full of costumes. I look really good in knickers with long socks—the “newsie” look. I’m going to bring knickers back for men.
Dream vacation: Thatched hut in Bora Bora.
What I look for in a significant other: A humorous, self-confident, thoughtful guy who’s motivated professionally and has aspirations. He knows who he is and where he’s going.

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