Single in the City

You want ’em, we got ’em: 20 people so sizzlin’, this issue might spontaneously combust. They’re megasmart, super-sexy, ridiculously talented—and, oh yeah, available! Behold, 5280’s most eligible catches.

February 2011
Single in the City 2011, Hassina Omar

The Humanitarian

Hassina Omar, 43
Account executive, 850 KOA; nonprofit leader

I’m so over: People taking their freedom for granted.
Part of my charm: I’m a total people person; I make friends very easily.
Guilty pleasure: I’m kind of a power-shopper. Once a year I go overseas and buy lots of clothes.
Find me here on the weekend: Friday night—Sushi Den, the Capital Grille, or Sushi Hai. Saturday I spend with my family.
Biggest accomplishment: Continuing my parents’ charity work with Handicapped Children of Afghanistan. I go back every year to help the kids in honor of my parents.
If I had one wish: Peace in Afghanistan.
What I look for in a significant other: Independence, good values and morals, a little worldliness—a sense of different cultures.



Single in the City 2011, Dan Condon

The School Boy

Dan Condon, 39
Associate director of professional development, Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center

I’m so over: Whatever the latest social media thing is.
I’m a sucker for: Labrador puppies.
Part of my charm: My honesty.
Secret talent: I can root out the best happy hours. And juggle.
On the bucket list: To attend the World Cup in the U.S.A.
Nickname: Daniel-san, à la Karate Kid.
Biggest fear: I have a clown phobia. They creep me out.
iPod embarrassment: The Lion King soundtrack. There’s some stigma there.
Dream vacation: Yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico.
If I could have one wish: All of our students in the country should be given a more equitable education.
What I look for in a significant other: Someone supportive, kind, and funny who challenges me and is driven by something other than money.



Single in the City 2011, Anne Medina

The Entertainer

Anne Medina, 29
aka “Fannie Spankings,” burlesque performer/producer/emcee

Can’t live without: My sparkly red lip glitter. And my MP3 player. It’s so archaic, I know.
I’m so over: Low-riding jeans that show off plumber’s crack.
Part of my charm: My ability to fit into any social situation. I can be wild at the bar or hang with Grandma and Grandpa and knit a sweater.
Secret talent: I’m learning to play the banjo.
Once-in-a-lifetime moment: Performing at Red Rocks at sunset with Zebra Junction and comedian Josh Blue.
You’d never guess: My favorite musician is Bob Dylan. I’m a hippie at heart.
Find me here on a Saturday night: Doing my burlesque and comedy show, “Fannie Spankings’ Off The Clock,” at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret.
Biggest fear: People having preconceived notions about me without ever getting to know me. And spiders.
If I could have a superpower: Being in five places at once.
What I look for in a significant other: Someone who knows a lot of things but isn’t a know-it-all; who can laugh at himself and is curious about travel and art; and who likes cats.



Single in the City 2011, Jim Guttau

The Prince of PR

Jim Guttau, 33
Owner, Guttau Public Relations

Can’t live without: Risotto. If I could do PR for risotto, I would.
I’m so over: Crocs.
Secret talent: I’m really good with sidewalk chalk.
Guilty pleasure: Hot tubs in the mountains.
On the bucket list: Caravan across the desert with a bedouin tribe; dog sledding; sitting front row at New York Fashion Week.
Rainy-day activity: Watching foreign films with subtitles.
Celebrity crushes: Dean Cain, Eddie Cibrian (CSI: Miami).
Dating deal-breaker: Just one? Seriously? I should write a book.
Find me here on a Saturday night: Charity event.
When I’m not working: I’m at a theme party. I have Rubbermaid containers full of costumes. I look really good in knickers with long socks—the “newsie” look. I’m going to bring knickers back for men.
Dream vacation: Thatched hut in Bora Bora.
What I look for in a significant other: A humorous, self-confident, thoughtful guy who’s motivated professionally and has aspirations. He knows who he is and where he’s going.