Single in the City

You want ’em, we got ’em: 20 people so sizzlin’, this issue might spontaneously combust. They’re megasmart, super-sexy, ridiculously talented—and, oh yeah, available! Behold, 5280’s most eligible catches.

February 2011
Single in the City 2011, Hidemi Ena

The Dessert Goddess

Hidemi Ena, 30
Owner, Kuulture (fro-yo & more)

I’m a sucker for: Osteria Marco. I go there like four times a week.
Secret talent: I can do the worm like nobody’s business.
Celebrity crush: Edward Norton. I don’t know why.
You’d never guess: I’m a homebody. I could stay in every night and be fine.
iPod embarrassment: Kenny G. I tell everyone that my mom put it on there.
Once-in-a-lifetime moment: When I was 16, I placed nationally in gymnastics and went to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs with the top gymnasts in the world.
What I look for in a significant other: Chemistry is huge; someone who is level-headed, balanced, funny, confident, and successful.

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Single in the City 2011, Colin Ferguson

The Beer Man

Colin Ferguson, 26
Beer jockey (bartender/brewer/representative), Great Divide Brewing Co.

I’m a sucker for: Big blue eyes.
Secret talent: I do an unwavering impression of Chewbacca.
Rainy-day activity: Eating tomato soup and grilled cheese.
Celebrity crush: Alicia Silverstone in The Crush.
You’d never guess: I’m training as a long-distance runner. I’m doing a 55-miler.
Biggest accomplishment: Going to France, enrolling in French-only academic courses, and passing—without knowing a lick of French.
Dream vacation: Sailing across the Pacific.
If I could have a superpower: Photographic memory. I’m kind of a functionalist.
If I had one wish: To play the guitar like John Lee Hooker.
What I look for in a significant other: Sound mind, sound body.

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Single in the City 2011, Linda Knoll

The Girl Next Door

Linda Knoll, 26
Key account manager, Kraft Foodservice

Can’t live without: Sunscreen.
I’m a sucker for: Men who can sing.
I’m so over: Parking tickets.
Guilty pleasure: Glee.
Childhood crush: New Kids on the Block.
Nickname: Linda Lightning.
Biggest accomplishment: The fact that I haven’t set fire to my new house since I’ve started to remodel it.
When I’m not working: I’m skiing, hanging with my friends, hiking, enjoying the outdoors, working on my house.
Dream vacation: All-expenses-paid month in Europe, to see where my family came from—Germany, Ireland, and Wales.
If I could have a superpower: The ability to freeze and unfreeze time.
What I look for in a significant other: Confidence and spontaneity.

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Single in the City 2011, Steve Sander

The Man About Town

Steve Sander, 57
City of Denver’s director of strategic marketing

Can’t live without: Working out and Starbucks.
Celebrity crush: Tiffani Thiessen on the original Beverly Hills, 90210. I still watch reruns.
On the bucket list: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro; going to the Ryder Cup.
Nickname: Sandman.
Biggest fear: Getting old and acting like it.
Biggest accomplishment: Helping launch Denver B-cycle, the first citywide bike-sharing program in the country.
What I’m reading: Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman by Jon Krakauer. It really brings to light what sacrifice is all about.
What I look for in a significant other: Someone who shares my passion for making the world a better place and for having a good time.

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