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Bow Mar Pizza Co.

A tiny, take-out pizza restaurant that serves up popular pies like the Deluxe, a pizza with all the fixings, at very affordable prices.

Thai Wrap @ Tuk Tuk

Enjoy some of your favorite Thai dishes wrapped in a flour shell. The famous Thai iced coffee is available at this and Tuk Tuk's other locations.

Tuk Tuk Thai Grill

Healthy Thai food for a fast lunch or dinner. Don't forget the famous Thai iced coffee. Multiple locations.

Denver Ted's

It's the best of the basics in cheesesteaks. Denver Ted's serves up cheese-drenched, thin-sliced beef or cubed chicken served on a genuine Amoroso roll.


Asian and American street food round out this pub-fare menu.


This late-night, off-the-beaten-track lounge serves New York-style pizza pies. The entrance is in an alley between Lawrence and Larimer streets.

Breakfast King

Giant plates of bone-in ham steaks, pancakes, and salads. Hash browns are made daily, and they go through more than 70 gallons of green chile each week.

Pete's Kitchen

A Denver landmark and a staple for late-night comfort food. Pete's is known for its breakfasts but also serves burgers, gyros, and souvlaki sandwiches any time of day.