Inspired by chef Ignacio Leon's rich heritage, this restaurant mixes traditional Mexican fare with modern touches. Try the molcajetes, pescado a la Veracruzana, or camarones poblanos. 

Pop's Place

This quirky cafe is the brainchild of chef Steven Kleinman (father of the Inventing Room's Ian Kleinman) and Jim Pittenger (founder of Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs). Try the short ribs loco moco Hawaiian breakfast or the sour cream waffles in the morning, or drop in for Thai-inspired dinner plates.

Aloy Modern Thai

This Ballpark spot is bringing in fresh, local ingredients to create modern Thai dishes. Stick with small plates like the tartare tuna or the smoked Verlasso salmon, which is served in a jar with Asian pear, yuca chips, and orange aïoli.

The Bakery

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